API Solid-State Development Support

For any task accomplishment related to the solid-state, Oriento can provide scientific support, guidance, coaching, training, and propose practical solutions to any solid-state challenge faced by the industry.  The added value of the services that Oriento offers in this field relies on broad experience in industy praxis combined with scientific expertise.   The objective of Oriento in this field is to direct excellence in performance through safeguard of product quality along with customer maximum benefit. 

In the field of polymorph/solid state, Oriento offers highly qualified scientific support for any industry activity, such as:    

  • Virtual and on-site trainings in a variety of practical and scientific topics, mainly polymorphism
  • Polymorph screenings in the search of new crystal forms 
  • R&D development procedures 
  • IP strategy and management
  • R&D project management
  • IP protection of new forms
  • Polymorph analyses and characterizations
  • Polymorph selection 
  • API process development 
  • Scale-up 
  • Analytical methods
  • Registration
  • IP analyses for FTO purposes 
  • Trouble-shooting in production
  • Out-of-spec results
  • Solid-state instability in production, milling and packaging
  • Formulations
  • Upon customer request, services can be added, modified, or tailor-made.