Innovative formulations for inhaled drugs

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The European Respiratory Cluster Antwerp (eu.reca) is a knowledge platform focusing on the lungs. Progress can be made through open debates amongst experts, sharing their knowledge in modern technology, unmet medical needs and industrial capabilities. This cluster is related to prevalence of disease, progress in inhaled medication, accuracy of drug deposition, outcomes of treatment and environmental impact on lung health. Therefore eu.reca holds open discussion forums about any topic in the respiratory field where there is potential for improvement.

The main power of eu.reca is to bring access to modern technology and share knowledge for all its members and give them appropriate support in developing their projects, ideas and concepts. With a focus on lungs, eu.reca installed a hub that can help companies in creating new treatment opportunities for lung diseases from the concept idea all the way to the commercialisation.

The main value of eu.reca remains its members. Besides it brings together experts in inhalation from academic institutes, technology organisations and industry. In addition to this, eu.reca also offers academic, logistical, management, financial and technological support to its members.

Most importantly eu.reca selected several work streams on which focus the attention. For each of these work streams eu.reca Avisory Board appointed an expert that consists of a eu.reca “Ambassador”, the driving force, and a member of our advisory board responsible for quality control. Stefano Console is the eu.reca “Ambassador” for the Innovative formulations for inhaled drugs work stream.

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