International School of Process Chemistry

Advanced Edition

For the fourth time process chemists will have a chance to learn by other people experience. People matters and team work is a great – if not the best – approach to solve complex issues. We always must remember that, since we all operates in the pharmaceutical field, we have to help young generations to achieve higher goals to improve patients lives.

Oriento SA strongly believes in these ideas and for this reason it is again this year a proud sponsor of the International School of Process Chemistry:

As quoted in the School website: “The main aim of the school is to provide basic training to the next generation of chemists who are interested in starting a career as process chemists in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Additionally, through its ADVANCED SCHOOL, ISPROCHEM will serve as a forum for training and discussion among more experienced professionals on topics of growing interest”.

We know that many young chemists are willing to accept the challenge.

Hurry up, registration closes on May 5th, 2021 !