Oriento SA is a new FIT associate member

Ticino: Life Science Valley in the Heart of Europe

We are pleased to announce that since April 1st, 2021 Oriento SA is an associate member of Farma Industria Ticino

Farma Industria Ticino (FIT), the association of chemical and pharmaceutical industries in the Swiss canton of Ticino, is a private organization founded in 1980 with the name ATICEF, with headquarters in Lugano.

Among the several areas of interest of the association, the principal ones are as follows:

  • to promote collaboration and exchange of opinions and experience between each single member of the sector,
  • to represent the member companies in encounters with public opinion, the media, political authorities and various public and private corporations,
  • to ensure the presence of Farma Industria Ticino among the diverse industrial associations or concerns in the chemical/pharmaceutical branch in the cantonal and national field,
  • to collaborate with related economic sectors