Procegence is an Advanced Manufacturing and Emerging Technology consultancy firm for Pharma, Biopharma, and Fine Chemical industries. Our core value proposition is Process Intelligence to assist clients with informed decision making. Procegence helps companies with process modeling and simulation, adopting Advanced Manufacturing techniques, Digital Transformation, Smart Manufacturing, and Process Development and Optimization. 

Procegence provides diverse modeling services on variety of software platforms to help companies with customized modeling and solutions for particular unit operations and materials. The Digital Twin and virtual copy of manufacturing process creates a “sand box” for managers and developers to virtually test their ideas, before running costly experiments. We have helped companies by developing on-demand sensitivity analysis and case studies for Tech-transfer, scale up or process intensification, and design space development with mechanistic and predictive models. 

Procegence assists Pharma and Biopharma companies along different phases of process development and manufacturing with regulatory submissions, CMC documents, process/product life cycle, and post-approval modification. Products and process’ dynamic model are being used for evaluating process robustness, developing control strategies, and failure mode mitigation plans for drug substance, drug product, and drug-device combination.

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