Procegence provides on-demand modeling and simulation services for the bio/pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries for process development and optimization. The Simulation-as-a-Service model empowers bio/pharmaceutical, CDMOs, CMOs, fine and specialty chemical, and vendors to reduce time to market, increase R&D efficiency, reduce R&D spending, and implement advanced manufacturing.

The future is driven by digital tools like modeling and simulation. And while these tools have been effectively utilized in the aerospace and semiconductor industries for years, the bio/pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries have yet to utilize them. Our knowledge-based mechanistic modeling and simulation provides predictive tools to enable companies in these industries to not only reduce time and cost, but to improve quality, yield, and robustness. 

To support companies on their road towards digital process development, Procegence offers comprehensive services on equipment sizing and characterization, scale-up, process development and integration, steady state and dynamic modeling, process control strategies development, risk analysis, developing multi-dimensional virtual DoEs, and CMC packages. Our expert team works hand-in-hand with clients on project based or strategic partnership along the project’s life cycle.

Do you wish there was a better and faster way to reduce the time and cost of process development, but can’t afford to maintain an in-house modeling team or provide computational resources? Procegence can help. Contact us today to leverage the power of modeling and simulation!

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