S.A.M. srl was born in 2016, located in Sospirolo at 492 m above sea level in a unique setting of the Bellunese Valley at the foot of Monte Pizzocco. The core business of S.A.M. is the cultivation and the transformation of the Dolomitic healthy plants, guaranteeing a full Zero km chain. S.A.M. produces either food supplements or functional foods and it is the owner of the Dolomi® brand. Each product is completely realized by S.A.M. starting from the own harvested plant. Moreover, S.A.M. produces natural concentrated extracts using alternative green methods i.e. supercritical fluids and other functional or supplement foods also for third parties.

S.A.M Srl
Località Maras Moldoi, n.151/A
32037, Sospirolo (BL)
Tel. +39 340 825 56 81