TeraCrystal is a Contract Research Organization, offering a comprehensive range of services of Solid State, Crystallization and Analytics for small molecules and peptides. Our customized work programs assist the customers, innovators or CDMOs companies, to rapidly and successfully progress their compounds into the clinical phases, minimizing the risk of failure at later stages of development.

We are specialized in solid state screenings, suited with the nature of the compound’s solid states: polymorphs, salts, co-crystals and amorphous solid dispersions. 

We integrate in silico calculations in our studies, the combination of predictive/modelling tools with experimental effort, giving us the opportunity to significantly reduce the screening work and accelerate the delivery time, but more important to optimize the drug candidate selection.

The work performed in TeraCrystal’s laboratories is carried out to the highest possible standard, in the frame of a strict internal quality system complying with cGMP. Our procedures are routinely audited by the customers.

We offer our clients exclusivity and strong IP protection over any the discoveries we make a treat client information as extremely confidential. 

We provide our customers a flexible business model, tailored to their needs: fee for service, multi-compounds screening, long-term term service agreement and full time equivalent (FTE)

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